This is the most recent update on the civil unrest in Manipur, India.

Because of the demonstrations and violence that erupted in September, BFTW’s schools in the area of Sielmat including Trinity College & Seminary and Selma Christian High School had been temporarily closed.  Selma Christian Hospital has continued to operate through the difficulties, often treating those injured during demonstrations and transferring those patients to government hospitals.

The following is a report by Ronny Pakh and John Pudaite, who are currently traveling in India with the World Race team:

Schools have been allowed to resume classes since last Monday (September 28). However, in view of curfew relaxation between 5am and 2pm, most schools have moved their timing 2 to 3 hrs earlier to compensate for the the loss of afternoon class hours.

The 9 dead bodies — early victims of the violence — continue to remain in the morgue. We understand that some tribal representatives have gone to meet Home Ministry officials in Delhi seeking help to resolve current issues that have crippled the hill areas of Manipur since August 31. The public, apparently, will wait for the outcome of this meeting.

Women volunteers continue to picket peacefully during curfew hours.

A solution to the problem is still not in sight to this day. Churches are praying. Community leaders are doing their best to keep the crowd sensible even as they continue to protest against the three recently introduced bills that sparked the demonstrations and subsequent violence.

Please continue to pray for peaceful resolution to these challenges in Manipur!