For decades, Bibles For The World has helped meet the healthcare needs of the poor in its home region in Manipur, NE India. Sielmat Christian Hospital treats thousands of patients each year for a variety of injuries, diseases and preventive actions.

The Hospital has been directed by the Manipur state government to prepare 10 beds in an isolation ward for a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in the state.  This order has been complied with, though the Hospital is severely lacking in the equipment/supplies to fully comply.

As India has now gone into a 21-day lockdown until April 15, there is significant potential impact on BFTW’s ministry in India.  Of course, our schools had already been shut down for the whole month of March.  While the hospital is not affected/subject to the shutdown, of course, there won’t be any “elective surgeries” and other treatments, as patients will delay those past the lockdown.  In addition, hospital staff were directed to convert one wing into an isolation ward, in the event of an outbreak in the area.

As of today, Manipur has registered its first positive case, and tests are going on for people that came into contact with the female subject. Mizoram state has also registered its first positive case. Other states in the northeast so far have not registered positives, but everyone is certainly on the alert, and also impacted by the lockdown.

The hospital is already seeing a loss of income, meanwhile incurring expenses to maintain an enlarged staff, to be prepared for the isolation ward and possible onslaught of positive cases.  Use of basic supplies on the rise — masks, gloves, etc. — even for minor cases, and just daily wear/use.

Please pray for Sielmat Christian Hospital, our staff members there who are faithfully serving, and that God would use this crisis to draw people to Himself! If you would care to help meet the financial needs in this emergency, you can do so by clicking here…