This from Mrs. Lawm Pudaite, administrator of Sielmat Christian Hospital…

Mr Seikhogin Seiboi hails from a small village calleLajangphai in the outskirts of Churachandpur district, Manipur. He has five brothers and three sisters. He is the second eldest of all. He is a 27 year old divorcee and has a six years old son named Thangboilen. Seiboie graduated from college in 2011 and holds a bachelor of commerce degree. Due to poverty he could not pursue further studies

As he comes from a poor family, to earn for his son‘s education and to supplement his family income Seiboi went to Delhi to work in a private company. It was during this time that he had a tragic accident with long-lasting consequences. On September 27, 2015 he fell from a four storey building while sitting on the railing. This accident resulted in paralysis of his lower limbs due to severe spinal injury. Ahis family was poor they could not efford to take him to a good hospital nor consult with a medical specialist. As a result, Seiboi was confined to bed full time. Lack of proper medical care worsened his conditionHe suffered from depression and was frustrated and began to lose all hope. He blamed God for all that had happened to him. He also started developing bed sores.

On October 2016 a team from the World Race came to India and stationed at Sielmat. During their involvement in the Lord‘s ministry, a medical camp in collaboration with Sielmat Christian Hospital was held at Lajangphai village where Seiboi lives. The team met him and thLord touched their hearts. Seiboi was brought to Sielmat Christian Hospital for a medical checkup during the free medical camp held at the hospital. He was admitted so that he could receive the assistance of the medical staff at the hospital. 

By the grace of God, Seiboi improved daily and his bed sores are healed completely. But, unfortunately, full recovery and walking is not expected without a miraculous intervention from God. The best he can expect is sitting on a wheelchair after regular physiotherapy. After five months of hospitalization the young father  is now discharged from hospital. However doctors advised him to go for further treatment with a good physiotherapist. We’re praying that Seikhogin will completely recover — and we’re grateful to the World Race Team for their generosity and prayer support. 

But here is what YOU can do to help:  Seiboi’s family does not have the financial means for him to work with a physiotherapist. The Sielmat Christian hospital team is once again praying and seeking God’s help to help Seiboi for his further treatment. We trust God that He will send help and bless him — but would appreciate any help you might provide.  

You can give to help provide physical therapy for Seiboi!

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