One of the most significant threats to children in India is about the size of a dime and, seemingly,  lighter than air.  Of course, we’re talking about the mosquito.

According to the World Health Organization, the mosquito is worst of all disease-spreading insects. Responsible for the passing of malaria, dengue and yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis, Zika virus, and Japanese encephalitis, the threat of a mosquito bite can be far more severe than many people realize. The mosquito is linked to about 750,000 human deaths per year, far more than any other animal or bug, yet so few people have access to the simple resources they need in order to be protected against them.

Bibles For The World provides Christian education for some 10,000 children and students across northeast India.  The vast majority of those are youngsters who attend the 35 schools that BFTW runs to serve their remote communities — and disease carrying mosquitoes are a way of life for every child and his or her family.  Sadly, many children in these regions have already contracted cases of Japanese encephalitis.

That’s why Bibles For The World has mounted a campaign to help protect thousands of children and their families with a simple, yet effective gift — a mosquito net!

Though it may not sound like the most glamorous gift for a needy child, what a blessing it would be to children and their families — especially because so many think something as simple as a mosquito net is an unaffordable luxury.

With your help, every student can take home a mosquito net just as the rainy season begins, helping to ensure that they and their families will be protected.  It will be a gift that keeps giving — providing safety and peace of mind that so many families don’t currently have.

But here is what will make an even greater gift  . . .

Only about one-third of all our students are blessed to have sponsors. That means a very large number of young people would NOT receive the protection of a net — UNLESS we can help provide it for them as a special Christmas gift.  Here’s how you can help:

To provide one mosquito net large enough to protect a family costs only $12.00.

So, if you can give just $24 you will provide protection not only for a sponsored student and his or her family, but also for another student and family, as well!

What a blessing it would be for ALL the young people in BFTW’s schools to have this simple, effective protection from life-threatening disease for their families.

If you would like to help with this special project, you can click below to give online today!

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