God’s lOVE:



Sielmat Christian Hospital serves a large population of people in poverty who would otherwise have to forego even the most basic medical care.  Staffed by a combination of Christian nationals from the surrounding area and visiting teams of doctors and nurses, the 70-bed hospital serves some 300 patients weekly for routine doctor visits, internal medicine, eye and dental care and more.  Recently, a visiting team conducted 60 eye surgeries within a single week! Visitors to the hospital discover a bustling medical facility with modern equipment, well-stocked pharmacy and caring, Christian practitioners — all made possible through the contributions of friends and partners with a heart for serving the poor and needy.

Your help makes possible the continuing provision of free or low-cost medical services both at Sielmat Christian Hospital and at periodic medical clinics held throughout the region to reach those who cannot travel to the hospital.  Clinics often treat several thousand patients within a single week due to the lack of available care. Please consider helping provide medical care, in Jesus’ name, to needy individuals!