It still seems unfathomable that large portions of the world’s population remain unreached with the Gospel…

Take a look at the map above.  The red dots indicate the locations of identifiable people groups with at least 5,000 people that have yet to be reached with the message of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

“How can it be,” people are inclined to ask, “that after two centuries the work of the Great Commission is not yet completed?”

It’s a valid question.  What is shocking is the sheer number of unreached people groups — and the total population — of unreached peoples across the globe.  According to the Alliance for the Unreached, nearly 3 BILLION people have yet to hear the Gospel message.

That’s why Bibles For The World is part of the movement by the Alliance for the Unreached to engage more churches and individuals in the cause of the Great Commission.  Sadly, a recent survey indicated that fewer than 40% of Christians are not certain what “the Great Commission” is — they couldn’t identify the verses of Scripture that record Jesus’ final command to “go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt. 28-19).

June 9 was the third annual observance of the International Day for the Unreached.  Please take a moment to visit the Alliance’s website ( and view the brief special video that was produced for this year’s observance.  You’ll be challenged by what you see and hear.  Then join all of us at Bibles For The World in praying that God continues to open doors for the Gospel in the dark areas of the world where the Light of Jesus Christ is so desperately needed.