While the corona virus has raced across the globe, it has left in its wake different kinds of suffering. For many, it has been the “inconvenience” of sheltering in place. Others have faced weeks of painful symptoms and hospitalization. And, tragically, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives.

Some regions, however, tend to suffer more than others — especially those where millions live in extreme poverty, where the loss of even a meager income can mean devastation to a family.

That is the case in NE India, where Bibles For The World’s many ministry activities are focused. BFTW employs nearly 600 men and women to help staff more than 40 Christian schools, Sielmat Christian Hospital and Trinity College & Seminary. Right now, those staffers — and their families — are struggling due to the shut-down, the restrictions of activity, and the lack of food and basic necessities. In addition, families of the thousands of children who attend the schools are challenged by the same issues.

You can send a CARE Package like this to a struggling Indian family!

Stores are not closed, but are open only for limited hours, and food and supplies are scarce — and expensive. As in other nations, big problems during the pandemic are hoarding and profiteering, with some prices increasing by 50% or more. The biggest problem is that nobody has been working. And during times like these people too often go into debt just to buy tomorrow’s meal, often at interest rates of 10% per month!

That’s why Bibles For The World has launched an effort to help needy families in NE India by sending CARE Packages that will provide food and other necessities. Each package contains rice, flour, potatoes, onions, sugar, salt, cooking oil and more. One family can use this package to meet family needs for nearly one month! And it costs just $50 to place a CARE Package in the hands of a needy family.

To help, please visit this web page — https://bftw.missionsconnex.com/IndiaCare. Or you can simply CLICK HERE to help. Thank you, and may God bless you for helping!